Installation Day

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  The information here will give you an idea of the things we do and the extra steps we take to insure you a high quality installation.

Installation day:

We completely clean and sanitize all the shower walls and bathtub with denatured alcohol. Over the years, bathtubs and shower walls will develop a light build up of soap film. If this is not taken care of before installation, the installer will not get proper adhesion, and over a course of time the new wall system will pull away. This step can take from 20 minutes to an hour to complete. This is the most important step to do, but the easiest step for an inexperienced person to omit.

We can now start custom cutting the new walls. Each wall is done separately. When we have completed cutting your new wall, we are ready to test fit the new wall and mark them for trimming to get a perfect fit. The right fit is important for final look of the job. We do this for each of the walls around the bathtub.

After the walls have been completed, we will start prepping the wall by again wiping them down to remove any of our marks and getting the caulk areas prepped with a caulking primer. The caulking primer gives the installer proper adhesion for his caulk line. Parts of the installation such as the caulking primer are things you won’t notice until there is a problem.
After the bathtub liner has been custom fit both the original tub and the new bathtub liner need to be prepped for installation. Once the bathtub liner has been installed, we do the final caulking and cleaning of your new acrylic bath system.  We will make sure all of the debris from the job is loaded into the proper receptacles.  Our aim is to leave you a beautiful, low-maintenance bathtub for years to come.  Call us today at 847-336-7660.